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Final Exam Schedule

Hey Wranglers, it’s time for final exams! We ask that you please use these last few days of the school year to study hard and prepare for your exams, to ensure you are doing the absolute best you can.  You may click here to find the Semester Two Exam Schedule.  Good luck Wranglers!

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Wranglers Read

Attention Wranglers and Wrangler Parents– Wranglers Read is a summer reading program for all students enrolled in an honors or AP English class. This requires reading includes graded assignments that are due in the first week of school. Visit the English department site for the complete reading list and assignments.

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West Tech is Being Re-Branded

Greetings students of West Tech! As you may have heard, we are changing our mascot from the Wrangler to the Whale starting in the 2015-2016 school year. In an effort to be more inclusive of marine life, we have adopted the Whale as the West Tech Mascot! Check the student store soon for custom WCTA…

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WWI PBL Starts Today

All students will be in their 3rd period class Thursday March 26th and Friday March 27th.  Visit the Spring PBL website for information and resources regarding the Spring PBL. Students who are absent for either or both days need to contact their 3rd period teacher for the make-up assignment(s).

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Closed Campus Reminder

This is a reminder that West Career and Technical Academy is a closed campus.  Students are not allowed to leave campus for any reason unless approved by administration and a parent or guardian.  Students are not allowed to enter, prop open, or allow a visitor or student through a locked door at any time on…

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