Wednesday 9/19/18 10-11:30am (Directly following PAC- Library)Most Wanted: Trending Apps Used by Teens for CyberbullyingFacilitator: CCSD Equity and DiversityInfo: Social media and apps serve as a platform to help kids communicate, connect with others, share their feelings, form study groups and much more. However, social media and apps can be used for cyberbullying. Kids are able to use these free apps to search for people and share information about others anonymously. In this training, parents will have the opportunity to understand the definition of cyberbullying. Parents will download and learn how to use the top applications/social media platforms kids are using for cyberbullying. Most importantly, parents will get an overview of how to promote upstander and digital leadership behaviors with their children

Thursday 9/27/186-7:30pm (Library)The Darkside of Social MediaFacilitator: Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. Info: What every parent needs to know about the negative impact social media can have on their children and how they can protect them. Adult family members of CCSD students; Large crowds (After School ONLY; Students ages 14 and older are allowed to attend with their parents)

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