Every 15 Minutes Event

Parents and Families,
I want to make you aware of an important event taking place today in collaboration with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.  The event is intentionally a surprise for maximum impact on students, so we were asked to give no prior notice to the community.  Now the the event has begun, we want to make you aware.
The “Every 15 Minutes” program is a staged accident scene in which students at our school are involved in a drunk driving accident.  There is a fatality and injured students who will be in movie-like makeup, which may be disturbing for some students.  The students will be transported to the morgue, hospital, and the driver will be arrested and taken to jail.  Every aspect of the accident takes place as if it were a real accident.  This event is only conducted at four schools per year and was planned more than 18 months ago.
Due to space constraints only 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students will be at the crash scene this morning.  TomorrowFriday, 4/20/18, there will be an all-school assembly from 8-10 am for all students to review the event and the impact of such an accident.  Parents are also welcome to attend the assembly.  Please check in at the front desk if so.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at 702-799-4340, extension 4000.
Amy Rozar, Principal