Jason Gonzales and Francisco Virella Honored at UNLV

Hey Wranglers, let’s give a big Wrangler Congrats for our very own Jason Gonzales and Francisco Virella who were both honored at a teacher recognition program at UNLV.  Each year UNLV asks incoming freshmen to tell them about a teacher who made a difference in their lives, whose influence encouraged them to further their education and pursue a college degree. UNLV received hundreds of nominations of outstanding high school teachers from around the country and reviewed each one to find those teachers who had really impacted the lives of their nominating student. Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Virella were among the 50 or so nominated by former West Tech grads now attending UNLV as freshman. The event occurred on Wednesday, October 18th at the UNLV Foundation Reception Hall.  Congratulations again to our fine teachers who are committed to improving the lives of our students.