West Tech’s DECA Places a National Win!

West Career & Tech Academy takes bragging rights in the state of Nevada, by having Raj Patel place 6th place in the world in DECA Principles of Finance Event. DECA’s International Career Development Conference was held in sunny Anaheim, California last week where West Tech chapter sent 17 members to represent our school. To take the spotlight of the conference for Nevada was our own Raj Patel, freshman in the track of IT. This unassuming young man had a dream that if he studied hard and practiced his role plays up to the day of competition that he could place at the International Conference. His dreams began to materialize as his name was called, as the first ever West Tech finalist in his event. One more gut wrenching role play to prepare for then present before the judges with his other 20 finalist of Principles of Finance Event. Then he waited for the Grand Awards Session and his event top 10 finalist to be called to the stage. What a rush of adrenaline as Raj hears his name was called as top 10 finalist, he was racing to the giant stage of lights with the cameras rolling, catching all the action, broadcasting to 18,000 DECA members cheering and chanting. What a night to place 6th in the world in his event. Another outstanding West Tech DECA member was able reached the Grand Awards Stage of 2017 was Chapter President Stacy Chen earning the Otis Spunkmeyer Scholarship.

West Tech was well represented to the International Conference with the following student placing in the top 80 % in their events. Team mates; Collin Swords & Scott Luk in Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making, Grace Lee & Kelsey Maley in Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making. Individual Events: Kenneth Xue in Human Recourses Management,   Irene Kim and Anya Rajan in Principles of Business Management and Alex Morgan in Retail Merchandising Series.

We also had 2 New Nevada DECA State Officer leading our state meeting and attending leadership training of Adam Esrig, Vice President of Career Development and Amanda Jiang, Vice President of Finance. First time qualifiers to go to the International Conference were Austin Crutcher, Layla Perez and Pedro Martinez in their individual events. Caroline Hsu and Emmett James Perry had the opportunity to enhance the leadership skills in train meetings.