End of the Year Information and Schedule

As we prepare for Finals Week, the West CTA staff wants to make sure you have the correct schedule for testing and dismissal.

On Monday, June 5th we will be conducting locker clean out during Period 7. Beginning Tuesday, June 6th you are not permitted to bring bags to school. Bags that are brought to school will be confiscated and stored in the Dean’s Office. Students will also be required to enter through secure and supervised doors when entering during final exams.

The testing schedule is as follows:

Seniors will begin testing on Friday, June 2nd during period 6 and 8. All students will test on Monday, June 5th during period 1 and 3. Half day testing begins on Tuesday, June 6th during period 2 and 4. Period 5 and 7 are tested on Wednesday, June 7th and period 6 and 8 on Thursday, June 8th while seniors are in graduation rehearsal. Half days dismiss at 10:40 am and there are no lunches but bus transportation is still provided.

The last day for the late bus is Friday, June 2nd.