West CTA Thirst Project Hits Goal, Builds Well in Africa!

The WCTA Thirst Project has reached their goal of $12,000, which will fund a single freshwater well in Swaziland, Africa (the highest density population of HIV/AIDs in the world).  The project/goal was initiated by Student Body President, Kristen de Guzman, who lead a group of students ranging in all grades in fundraising/awareness efforts all year.  From pie-ing teachers in the face, turning administration into human ice cream sundaes, and hosting garage sales, the WCTA Thirst Project has given an entire village access to clean water.  Kristen de Guzman was also selected for the national Power of Youth award.  She will be recognized at the Beverly Hills Hilton and offered a trip to Swaziland, Africa to experience the freshwater well that she helped make a reality.  Learn more about the global water crisis at thirstproject.org, the world’s leading youth water organization.  See the progress of their project at their fundraising page: tinyurl.com/wctatp.